Lately it seems like I’ve been stuck in a rut. Every new avenue I explore leads to a dead end and it is quite disheartening. There are so many dreams I want to fulfill for myself; traveling has always been the salve to my soul. So, what is the best way to face a challenge of seeming stagnation and overcome it? How does one take undesired aspects of one’s life and work them until its molded into something desired?

With the scientific method, of course.

I graduated with a biology degree. My diploma is currently sitting on a shelf, gathering dust, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still have a valuable skillset at my disposal. Here’s my attempt at identifying issues, gathering data and vaulting over challenges. Maybe you could add your own flair to it. Add your own valuable skills into the equation and you will succeed. Honestly, it is only a matter of time.

My problem: I work at a call center. I don’t want to work at a call center. I need the money to maintain rent, food and my large dog. My job occasionally leaves me dead inside.

Goals: to have a steady income from writing so that I may travel. Also, writing is cool. Also, writing doesn’t leave me dead inside.

Steps: Great question..

Just kidding

But seriously..

What steps do I take? Well firstly, securing some kind of job in the writing field, even as a freelancer. Something, anything to dip my toe in. For many of us, putting ourselves out there is a terrifying endeavor. Rejection is real and it can be a real downer. But that’s not the type of mindset that will get you anywhere you want to be.

The first real step is acknowledging your fears, babying them, and then throwing them into a pit of fire. Because that is where they belong. So what if someone rejects you? JK Rowling was rejected countless times before a publisher decided to take a risk. Look at her now. Sheesh. And she’s a real person.


After deciding to push aside unproductive fear, the next step is discipline. Creating a routine puts focus on your goals. Tracking your progress allows you to see how far you’ve come and builds confidence. I believe, this is key. And after some time, once you’ve realized that you aren’t going to give up on yourself, that’s when the real magic happens.

Lastly, education. Read all the books. And I mean ALL OF THEM. Read a book a week about the subject you want to be a master in. Listen to podcasts. Have conversations with strangers or friends, whatever. It doesn’t matter. Just immerse yourself and integrate your passion into everything you do.

Eventually, the right contact will notice you, the right employer will pick up your resume and smile or the right investor will throw money at you for your excellent idea.

Just don’t quit.