I have given up on the idea that I’ll reach a stagnant point of comfort. What I mean by that is that I understand life is another word for constant change and it’s easier to accept that truth than to fight it.

Besides, it would be so dismally boring if you knew what to expect every day, wouldn’t it?

I had been fighting with the idea of reaching a peak in my life that was stable enough to where I had everything I needed and wanted at the same time. Recently, I’ve been introduced to the idea of ‘synchronicity’. Now, there are many variations of thought with that simple word. The one I am referring to is synchronicity of self. Allow me to elaborate.

A question that I often come across in my life is “What’s next?”

There’s a way of living out there that encourages you to connect with a higher self in order to recognize important ‘coincidences’ in your life that illuminate your next steps. Essentially, you accept yourself and identify all your glorious root issues (many that stem from childhood) and then absolve them one by one until you’ve reached a total state of self awareness. What an easy feat. HAH.

Anyway – as you go about slaying your problems and becoming the ultimate enlightened being ninja warrior, you begin to acknowledge that your life is no random occurrence. It is actually an incredibly complex and beautiful design with multiple side trails that all lead to the same endpoint. This realization brings forth a sense of clarity and truth that only you can understand for yourself. Clarity leads to confidence of self which in turn builds your energy. With a higher energy output, we can manifest our thoughts more readily. Everyday we have a question, whether you realize it or not, of what to expect. What’s next?


When you have synchronized yourself with the flow of the energy of the universe, you can recognize coincidences as important occurrences in life that require attention. The questions we ask in our daily lives are answered by our surroundings. For example, people that enter our lives after we have some seemingly random thought about them is, actually, no random occurrence. It’s a sign that someone has a message to share with us regarding the questions we have posed. And as it turns out, we have a message for them as well. Keep your questions at the forefront of your mind and seek the answers through interactions and areas of your life that stand out. You may be surprised by what you discover. In my experience, this mentality has enriched my life exponentially.

It all boils down to your intuition. Most of us are so disconnected that our intuition is a flicker of momentary indigestion. We are unsure and anxious, fearful even, of what the future may hold, but as we learn to trust ourselves, our intuition grows and develops into a powerful guiding force. You know yourself better than anyone else ever could. Why wouldn’t You trust, well, YOU?

We are human, and humans are flawed, but we spend so much of our precious time worrying and fretting over the most trivial of matters. All these negative emotions cause us to lower our energy, which disconnects us further and creates a vicious cycle of negativity. It’s about time we break free of that and surrender our need for material control in favor of mental control. Create the life that you want by believing that you deserve goodness and love and happiness. Because you do. And if someone says otherwise, then they are only using you as a mirror for their own insecurities. Break free of the negative feedback loop. Become self aware. Trust yourself and the universe. You are loved. You are complete. You are capable.