Let’s be real for a moment, 2016 has been shit for everyone, am I right? That’s what I’ve gathered from all the memes and news posts of people dying.


Personally, it’s been one of the most difficult years of my life. This year alone I have gone through 3 different jobs, left my husband, was rejected, moved in with my parents and experienced financial struggles like never before.

The year isn’t over yet, and it’s not finished with me, either. I was hired at a good company back home but my background check left me red flagged thanks to a job I left due to sexual harassment. My car just broke down on me and to top it all off, I no longer can stay where I intended to stay because someone has decided to rent the house I was intending to rent. Most people would be in tears, I’m sure, from this series of unfortunate events, but I can’t cry because I am too busy LAUGHING.

Life is all about perspective.

I came across an interesting article on numerology http://feliciabender.com/blog/2016-numerology-forecast/

Now, I don’t know how you feel about topics like numerology, but hear me out on this. Numerology, for those who aren’t familiar with the term, is “the universal language of numbers” that carries an energetic pattern and can be used as a prediction tool. In numerology, each number has a specific energy and this can be applied to any aspect of life. For more specific information check out this link -> http://www.numerology.com/about-numerology

What I am most interested in is 2016/2017. 2016 has the number 9 as its unique energetic number or pattern. The number 9 is a number of completion; a number of endings. This year has been just that – cutting our losses and saying goodbye. Yes, it’s been chaos but that chaos was needed to spur on the growth. It was needed to thrust those of us that do not like making decisions (I.E. ME), into a decision. 9 is a number dedicated to transformation, like the final stages a caterpillar undergoes before breaking free from its cocoon, and this has been evident in not just our personal lives, but on a global level. This year was a trial dedicated to preparing our minds for a new beginning, a fresh start.

2017 is a 1 year. The number 1 is a number of creation. It is a powerful and forceful number, not allowing obstacles to stand in the way for long. This will be a year of doing and achieving. We had 2016 to eliminate the negativity out of our lives and now 2017 will be the year of pursuing the dreams we were too intimidated by at first. We had our year to simplify and now after clearing all that mental and maybe even literal clutter, we can focus on the important things in life – what truly matters. Goals, dreams, relationships, whatever it may be for you.

What I would really like to focus on is following my dreams of being a writer. I’d also love to pour more into my personal relationships with my friends and my family. I have been humbled by how supportive and loving they have been throughout this ordeal.

I am still thinking about my theme for 2017. After a year of releasing my fears, I feel that it is necessary to apply for a softer theme. Maybe it’s my year of expressing love? Nah, too emotionally involved.